lock on garage door not working

katlaw58April 5, 2009

I have a single car garage with a manual door & lock system. The door is currenlty locked and I can't get in. The key will turn in the keyhole, the handle moves back & forth, but the locking mechanism is not releasing. It is an overhead door (on rails) and the garage has no other doors or windows. I am hoping to avoid paying a locksmith to replace the lock. Any suggestions or will I have to bite the bullet on this one?

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You might try jiggling the door with the key in the open position. Sometimes the bars get hung up in the rail sides.
Home depot and Lowes sell replacement locks. I'd just drill it out and replace it before I called a locksmith.

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I nearly suggested that myself, but what if the links that pull the locking bars have broken? Drilling the lock out would not help in that instance.

I guess this is why garages have a secondary door, in fact I wonder if it isn't mandatory?

I suppose cement block individual apartment garages don't, though.

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Good evening. If you haven't gotten your door open yet; it is quite easy to do. On the left side of the door, remove the wood trim using a small pry bar to get it started. If the trim is screwed on plastic just remove the screws and take the trim off. Now take a long piece of metal like a hacksaw blade and even with the handle you will see a flat metal plate. Push in on this and lift the door. Once inside you will see what is causing the problem and can get the right parts to fix it.
Have a good day and let us know how the job went.

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