Remove glass from double pane sliding doors?

CB9009April 11, 2012

I've found a TON of useful advice on this site so I'm hoping someone out there will have some input on this one b/c I haven't found anything anywhere else...

I have 2 double paned sliding glass doors that I want to get the glass out of. I know they are sealed w/ gas btwn and breaking the seal ruins them, etc. I got 3 single panes of glass and 2 double paned doors from the local restore for cheap. What I need from them is 7 panes of glass (4 from the 2 doors + the 3 singles) to use as glazing for a greenhouse. One of the doors is wood, the other aluminum. I have removed a couple screws but otherwise cannot figure out how to get the frames apart. I have seen some advice on windows but these doors don't match anything I've found and I cannot figure out how to disassemble them and save the glass. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

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I did that with wood sliders. One pane shattered and I used the other 3 for a shed/greenhouse.
On the wood slider look in the corners for pins (headless nails). Scrape the wood to uncover them then drive them out with a blunt nail or punch. Go slow and pull the frame apart.

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the glass should be installed with some glass stops or glazing beads which are removeable and when removed the glass edges should be visible.

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