Anyone happy with their AB granite?

kathleencamApril 15, 2013

We did a budget remodel of our 1960's kitchen and used Ikea off-white cabinets and AB granite. I like the simplicity of the black and white, but I have read some negative opinions about AB. Anyone have positive experiences with this granite?

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ME!!! I Love my AB! and mine is the dreaded polished AB! I have no problems keeping it clean and looking nice. I simply wipe it down with a wet rag. If I am having company, I'll follow the wet rag with a microfiber cloth. It is easy enough to do, and looks great whether I use the microfiber or not. I do have an integrated drainboard near my sink and I have a strainer that sits there. In order to clean the water spots, I take a cotton ball dipped in white vinegar, the water spots instantly gone. I almost didn't get the polished AB because of the comments that I have read, however the designer at my granite place told me that she has it and loves it, so I took the chance and love it!


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Thank you! You made my day. I have honed and it really isn't hard to keep clean.

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I had AB polished for 5 years, and I loved it, but mine showed spots - fingerprints, dust. We had a lot of light both natural and overhead.

I used to take dish cloths and put them under the insta-hot, wring them out and wipe. We have really hard water, so if I didn't wring it out totally, then you could see the wiping motions when the water dried. It was beautiful and easy to maintain. I used to take a straight edge razor and scrape the hard water spots off from around the sink. Like I said our water is really hard. Don't cut on it though as ours had one scratch from someone cutting on it.

Mine was really dark. IMO wiping a counter is not too much maintenance.

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I have honed AB in my new kitchen and I love it. It does show drips and smudges, but I just wipe everything down when I am done cooking/cleaning with the typical water and rubbing alcohol solution. It is something I would do anyway so it doesn't bother me. I do not think that it would work well for a kitchen that doesn't get much use as it would show dust and the drips and smudges from getting a drink etc.

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What's AB?

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AB = Absolute Black granite.

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Thanks francioise. The only thing I could think of was antico bianco, but I had that name reversed.
Absolute black is beautiful.

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We have a honed and enhanced AB saddle in our MB (the fabricator sealed/enhanced it with Tenax Tiger Ager?). It's been in for three years and still looks perfect. I wipe it with a wet microfiber when I clean the bathrooms, or damp mop it.

FWIW, to remove hard water deposits/stains on our polished Labrador Golden Flake granite (soft black, with a lot of mica), I "buff" it with 000 or 0000 steel wool. Depends on which I have handy.

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