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bigboy96April 18, 2012

I have a storage place outside made of wood boards and the boards are really old and have holes in them we have some stuff in there that we don't want to get messed up. I was wondering if I can use backer board on the outside to cover it and make like a new wall. I live in the San Jose ca area so weather is good the brand of backer board I got is durock.Also do I have to use the thin set on it or can I just put it up

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No. Backer board will absorb water and disintegrate.

Use siding.

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you can use T1-11
or a hardi sheathing. both come in
4'x8' sheets.
I'm getting the hardi sheathing
because I like it better and T1-11
prices are more than hardi here...
who knew?
make sure you prime and paint
including all the cuts you make.

best of luck

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I got the durock cement board the 1/4 . I had thought this board was made for water. So how about putting it on the inside of the shied. I am going to try and upload a photo of what I am talking about .

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You can buy 4x8 sheets of exterior plywood.

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