Paint vs. Irfanview vs. Picasa

jennMay 2, 2008

I'm looking for a free photo editing program to resize photos at work. I installed Irfanview and like it a lot for that purpose so far, and then I read that Paint also resizes photos just as well.

I'm wondering, since Paint comes installed on Windows, what are the advantages of using Irfanview for this purpose -- and also, how its photo editing capabilities compare with Picasa (which I use at home). I know it doesn't organize photos which is fine because I can use Picasa for that.

Am I comparing apples to oranges to bananas, or are there enough similarities between Irfanview and Picasa to keep only one?

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Hi jenn,
I use Irfanview all the time for editing photos, and I do love it.
I rarely ever use paint even though it comes with Windows...
I am thinking of downloading Picassa as well because it does organize photos.
I just got another stick of RAM (now I have 1 gig) so I think maybe I will have both on my 'puter.....(plus 3 versions of PSP, Animation Shop and Photoshop Elements....LOL... I am going to get another stick of memory this summer too!)
I know I am not answering your question, but I did not want your post to go unnoticed!

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Hi There,
I too never use Paint....

But for a quick resize etc I use Irfanview all the time as well as Picasa.....

I save my Psp 8, 9 & 10 for the "big" jobs....

I think you'll find that most of us are "graphic junkies" & have many different programs on our computers....

You'll never have too many of them...... : ))


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I do ALL my resizing in PSP7.

I end up with like 500 to 800 pixels to my liking.


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