Ugly House Curb Appeal Advice

mystianNovember 14, 2012

Thinking of buying a house in neighborhood where all the houses have this ugly barn/hut look. Would anything make them look better? They have ocean views and the insides are nicely renovated, but the architechture (?) if any leaves something to be desired.

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It seems like it's screaming out for a dormer (or dormerS) of some kind, and I can't imagine why they wouldn't have put them in originally if only to give it more curb appeal and bring more light to the upstairs rooms (assuming there are upstairs rooms). Is there a building code of some kind that limits the glass surface, or puncturing the roof or something?

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New garage doors and entrance doors help with curb appeal

Here is a link that might be useful: Dynamic Door Services Phoenix

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I think your house has a ton of potential! I would seriously consider changing the location of the front door to a position of prominence. See the sketch I tried to do - sorry I'm not an artist or an architect. What I tried to show is a front door with a triangle roof over it and transom sidelights. To the left I put back a window - two double hungs together. Personally, I like the traditional look of munton bars and added these to the new window and the window at the far right. A stone path would look nice leading from the driveway up the new stately front door. I would also take back some of the oversized driveway that is encroaching on the front lawn and return it to grass. If you can get rid of the wood that is encasing the grass - also good - just let it slope down naturally. And finally, add some bushes, flowers etc. to the front of the house - left and right of the new front door. Just some ideas...!

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How can I get some advice on ideas to create curb appeal for this ugliest house in the neighborhood?

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Hi DaveRehab -

You may want to post this as a new post, you'll get more responses that way. Is this house meant for you to live in? Or is it meant to be sold, or rented?

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