Pocket door repair

jan2008April 21, 2009

We just remodeled a bathroom that has two pocket doors. New pocket door frames were installed and before installing the drywall and tile over that, the doors were gliding smoothly in and out of the pocket (frame). Now, however, the doors are rubbing on the frame at about the middle of the door. Could the installation of the tile have caused the frame to close in? And if so, is there a solution without tearing out the tile? One side of the pocket door is tile all the way to the ceiling and the other side has tile up to about 40 inches and then regular dry wall above that.

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"Could the installation of the tile have caused the frame to close in?"

Yes, especially if the door frames did not get nailed off to the floor adequately.

If you used the prefab pocket door frames it is actually very likely they did not get nailed off to the floor.
It takes very little pressure to bend a long piece of 1x lumber the fraction of an inch required to cause rubbing on the door.

If the wall is drywall I would cut a hole to see what is rubbing.

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