should have mentioned in editing software link

eandhlMay 10, 2006

I am sorry, I should have mentioned a couple of things I am interested in doing and hope one or both of these programs will allow this. 1.) change background in photo and 2.) lift or remove say a person, flower or article in one photo and put it in another photo. Anyone have any suggestions as to program?

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eandhl Yes in Paint shop pro U can use the clone brush to put a picture on another picture. Click on the original picture & then go to the other picture & clone it there. If it is in the middle of another picture U will probably clone more than U want. If U put it on it's own layer it shouldn't be too hard to erase what U don't want. I haven't done it but it can be done.

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What I do too, is, trace around the picture with the Lasso Tool to copy and paste onto the other picture.


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