Wallpaper coming off easily - now what?

cookingrvcNovember 30, 2010

I want to remove the wallpaper in our guest room and paint. I did the original job myself (my first time)and prepped the walls with something (don't remember its name) that makes it easy to take the paper off (I like to change things up a bit every few years). I tried one strip and it just peeled off the wall.

Is there still backing on the wall or is it just glue?

What should I do to finish the prep?


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If there's still gunk on the wall, it doesn't really matter if it's some of the backing plus glue or just glue because the next step is the same. Fill a bucket with water and some TSP (other things might also work fine). Sponge it wetly on the wall, turn the sponge to the scratchy side and scrub. Think of it as getting your arms in shape. If you have a willing victim, this is a nicer job with 2 people, one to wet thoroughly and one to scrub, then the first person back to wipe with plain water. You'll know when you're done because the wall feels smooth again.

FYI - your wall probably won't be as athletic as my last wall. We redid our guest bath in 2007. When we took the paper down, I discovered that I'd written the date we put it up in pencil directly on the wall: 1981! We really liked that paper.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

After cleaning the walls, prime with Gardz before painting.

Here is a link that might be useful: gardz

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Thanks suzannesl and Christophern. That is very helpful.


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"...prepped the walls with something..."

Probably size, it makes latter removal much easier (as you found out).

Make sure you go back and do a rinse if you use TSP.

Enough can remain behind (especially on drywall) to curdle latex paint when you try to apply it.

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You are probably done with the wall paper removal at this point. However, I thought I would respond anyway.

I have stripped a lot of wall paper in my day, and found a simple solution -- use a bucket of warm water and vinegar. Nothing else. Don't waste your money on other stuff or products. About 1 a small bottle of vinegar to a full bucket (or 2 to 2 1/2 cups).

Scroll the wallpaper to allow for tiny "holes" using a srolling tool from a home improvement or wall paper store. Then, with a thick sponge, wet the wall paper (in sections) until it is soaked. Wait about 5-10 minutes per section and use a scraper to get the wall paper off the walls. Be sure to put plastic down on the area you are working as you will get glue and bits of paper everywhere. Remember to change your water when it starts to gum up.

After the entire room is done (usually the next day), take another bucket of fresh water and vinegar as described above and wash all the walls. Let dry and you are ready for paint.

Usually this solution doesn't take the drywall off, but sometimes, that does happen. Just spackle and sand those areas before painting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hafer Construction, Inc.

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