What do you think of this light?

akl_vdbJuly 20, 2014

I'm kind of going for a rustic contemporary look (really, it's something! I didn't just make it up!)

I've been eying this light for our dining room for a while. What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: does this go with my vision?

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I'd say it fits the description! Can we see the room it would be going in? That's very important to see how it goes in the space.

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A neighbor has a light similar to this one in her breakfast room. I love it!

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I would say it fits the bill of what you are going for.

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Here is a pic of where it is going. The table/chairs and buffet and hutch are staying as are the curtains.

The front entrance tile is being changed, as will the light, and the carpet and light hardwood are being changed to a 7.5 inch wide plank med/dark engineered wood with some knots.

The plants are gone (this is an old pic!)

If it is too small in here, (the table is 84" by 60), I will put it in my kitchen eating area. But I think with the measurements it should be ok?


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Here is how to know if it's the right size, as well as the height to hang it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chandelier size guide

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One of the rules of thumb on sizing chandeliers is take the length and width of the room, add them together and treat that figure as inches. For example, if your room is 11 feet by 14 feet, 11+14 = 25, so you would need a chandelier appx 25 inches in diameter. It is only a rule of thumb and I don't believe it needs to be adhered to slavishly.

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The room is 13 x 12. The current light is 68 inches above the floor, and the vaulted ceiling height is 12 ft.

The light overall is 24.5 inches in diameter, the cage is 13 inches and the overall light is 34.5 inches.

Ok, or too small?

It might be too big for the eat in kitchen area then if it's too small for the dining room. That area is 11 x 7.5 (opens into the larger kitchen though), with 8 ft ceilings.


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What is the diameter of your current dining room light fixture? That ought to give you a feel for the size of the other fixture.

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bbstx-diameter is about 25, and 20 tall. Maybe I'll mock something up and see if the height works or if the cage is too small for the area. Thanks!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I think it would work, but I would hang it lower than your current chandelier. I usually measure about 30" from tabletop, but if your ceilings are high, maybe 32-33" above the table.

Hope it works for you!

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I like it, but is that supposed to be a take on the chicken wire you see in glass cabinets? Maybe the chicken wire is a little too rustic with your house style with its strong angular modern elements. I don't think it works great with the hutch, which looks more Danish design to me. I would personally lean more toward a clean modern style than rustic. You can't fight the house.

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If you've been eyeing it for awhile then you know it's the one. It will look great!

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Thanks may_flowers, I have a hard time with this house. It's also contemporary with our angular windows (so everyone was telling me with the fireplace thread).

The dining set is teak, so it is more Danish design. We also have teak end tables and coffee table.

I'm having a hard time with this house style business, I just know what I like! If I were to buy dining room furniture now, it would be different, but this is such good quality and we've had it for 9 years (and it was 10 years old when we bought it!). We did buy our floor in part because the tone went with the teak. The floor is rustic like. Pic posted!

Thanks joaniepoanie!

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Updating my standard builder's fixture with one I liked better was one of my better home decisions! I don't particularly care for that specific fixture, but I think that's just my taste -- it would be an improvement over your current fixture for sure.

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These are things that you can do last, after the other elements are in place and you can get a better feel for the overall look. That fixture will cast some funky shadows, so I would want other sources of light too. Make sure you install a dimmer on the switch.

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