Gnats in the bathroom, mold spots on the ceiling

addictedtorosesApril 21, 2006

We have a lot of gnats in the bathroom, especially all over the shower. There is a plastic surround in the shower, then about two and a half feet of textured wall, if that makes a difference.The wall part above the shower is where the gnats stay.

We also have alot of mold spots on the ceiling from the moisture of people taking showers. I use bleach on those every few weeks and it seems to help for a while, then they're back. Does anybody else have these issues? Any help?

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you need a vent fan in there. too much moisture causes mold. get rid of the mold and the gnats will leave.

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Here are some links you can check out that show how to install a bathroom fan.
Also included a couple of links to show the different types of fans that you can choose from.,16417,689843,00.html

Here is a link that might be useful: Install bathroom fan

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Are you sure they are gnats? We moved into a house with drain flies. They look like small flies that don't fly well.

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