Has anyone used this site before?

calinaMarch 13, 2009

I've come across this site and just wanted to know if anyone else has used it before? www.fatpeas.com

Thanks :)


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Nope, and surely won't either.

The site says
How does it(Fatpeas) all work
It's really quite simple. Our retail partners are prepared to share a percentage of their marketing budget to secure your business.

When you shop using our links, we receive a sales commission. We pass ALL of this commission back to you making us the highest paying cashback site in the US.
This seems like a rather silly 'claim'

$5 subscription held annually from your Fatpeas earnings - never charged.
What???? Does that make any sense to anyone? I don't understand.

Here is a quote from a member...
This is the best site. I get 100% cashback on the best deals and I'm paid on time, everytime.
Duh...I guess everything is then FREE all of the time...huh?
What am I missing?

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$5 subscription held annually from your Fatpeas earnings - never charged.
What???? Does that make any sense to anyone? I don't understand.

I think what they are trying to say is that they keep 5 bucks of your earnings every year, but if you don't make 5 bucks they won't charge you the difference.
For example, say you "earn" 8 dollars in the first year, you'll get a check for 3 dollars.
The second year you only make 1 dollar. They'll keep the dollar but won't charge you the extra 4.

They probably also make money by selling your personal information and shopping habits. If you sign up, be ready to receive a lot of spam to your email and a lot of phone calls from solicitors.

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Some people come on here and say that they really appreciate the payback that they get when using their credit card.

Which many other posters don't seem to disparage.

But which bugs me, a cash customer, somewhat, as the stores must raise their prices in order to pay not only the credit card company's fee, but the additional amount charged in order to pay the cashback ... and which I also help pay for.

What's the difference, here?

Though I don't see how, when you, if you are affiliated with fat peas, use the store, that the store knows about the relatonship relative to your purchases ... and chooses to pay the commission to fatpeas: how does fat peas know about the sale, and that they are being stiffed, should the store not choose to pay? Does the affiliated customer pay through fatpeas? Put in an order and pay through them?

Which would make them just another credit card issuing co., wouldn't it?

Which curve in this road did I miss? [Landed in a soft ditch ... no damage to the car ... but I had to get tow truck to pull me out].

ole joyful

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