strange exterior wall

phrogApril 21, 2014

Over the years, we have addressed the quirky choices the original owner/builders of our home made in the early 80s. But one or two remain.

The exterior wall on one side ended at the ground with what you see in the photo -- rigid foam with a skim coat of concrete or stucco over the foil covering. In time, mice bit through the foam in some places and it cracked in others.

A carpenter never finished the job he started, which included putting up white PVC board against the old exterior surface. And I never got to see what he actually did to make it work.

I'd like to buy a board and attach it, as there's only an 8 ft. by 10 inch section that needs work, but my questions are:

1. Do I need to build up all the voids, and if so should I use concrete patch or stucco patch, or something else?
2. If I use the patch, is that enough to also hold the board, or should I put an adhesive between the concrete and the board?

I don't really want to remove all of the old foam and concrete if I can avoid it.


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I don't like this ground contact detail at all. Parging over fluff just doesn't seem right. Look up some proper ground contact details and go from there.

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Kind of unusual to say the least. I would consider installing James Hardi Board useing thin set between the existing surface and Hardi Board. You could apply paint or material that matches rest of foundation.
Another aproach would be to attach metal lath and coat it with any portland base material you like.

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