Shower curtain liners

oilpainterMarch 9, 2010


How many of you buy your shower curtain liners at the dollar store. I buy mine at A Buck or Two. They cost $2. They are a little thinner than the $10 ones but thick enough to do the job. I don't know about anyone else but I'd rather change mine every 2 years than try to scrub the expensive ones. When I clean the tub I give the curtain a spray and then hose it down with the shower spray then when it gets too grungy I change it.

I figure I'm saving money but better yet I'm saving my labour.

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I get mine at walmart, they are very heavy duty and about $5-6. They will last a long time.

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I use the fabric ones from Bed Bath & Beyond and wash with the towels until the bottom becomes too stained. I then use them as plant covers when frost threatens. So far they have always been on sale when I needed a replacement, with coupon about $9.

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I don't remember where I bought mine. When needed I just throw it in my washer and wash it. Always comes out nice and clean. I put my shower curtain in my washer too.


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Cloth for me, too. I hate plastic shower curtains. The cloth curtains make great drop cloths when they finally give up the ghost to yellow stains on the bottom. Nine or 10 bucks, and they last for years before they go on forever as drop cloths.

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I have fabric shower curtain liners, and yes, they last for YEARS.

I think they're polyester--from Bed Bath and Beyond. ~$10

I wash them with bath towels, frequently. Have never had any problems with mildew or anything else.

I'll never go back to vinyl.

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I also use only fabric shower curtain liners. Vinyl fumes are supposedly not good for you to inhale, plus I hate the thought of them lasting in the landfill for years and years. I also periodically wash mine with my towels. I bought a very nice one at TJ Maxx for around $10 or $12.

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I just bought a new liner at the Dollar store. for quite a while I've been noticing a bad smaell in the bathroom DS would explode if I told him I had mold in the walls I thought.

Well after checking everything else I happened to lift up the shower curtain and the liner and there was about an 8 inch layer of mold starting on it and the liner. I threw the liner awy and washed the curtain which is a very thin material . I never think aboutt the shower curtain it is usually just hanging on the inside of the tub. No longer it will hang on the outside now.

What a relief !!

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Vinyl for me. We have hard water (well) and fabric liners would turn orange. Easier to buy cheap vinyl and replace often.
Kathy G in MI

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I only buy mine at the dollar stores, or other discount stores if they're cheaper (have been known to get them for as little as 85 cents.). I like to put up a fresh one every month or two, so the thin ones are just fine with me.

As to mold? I find that one thing that helps is cutting the shower curtain about 6" shorter than it comes. They're just too long (for my rod, at any rate, and hang right down to the floor of the tub if I hang them from the package. Cutting it off so it's about halfway up the side of the tub seems to help a lot with that water sitting between the tub and curtain problem, AND it gets rid of that little ridge at the bottom of the curtain where water and mold sometimes accumulate.

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I have a really cool natural-stone shower which I like to show off, so use a clear liner as the curtain. Cheap is good!

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After showering, I hook the end of my inner liner over the shower head. It keeps the liner hanging free and not touching the side of the tub. It dries easily and no mold forms. My little trick isn't visible because you can't see through my outer shower curtain. I also use liquid soap, so there is no soap scum in my shower or on the curtain.

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Ikea - holds up fine and pretty inexpensive - no lingering odour from the materials.

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I buy attractive liners and use without a curtain. My bathroom is only 5' x 5', so a useless swathe of fabric hanging outside the tub just doesn't earn its keep in such a small space. My current curtain is a pattern of white leaves on a clear background and I usually get something similar to that. Believe it or not, I've found the best ones at K-Mart. I wash periodically and I would say that they last me about 3 years or so, with a cost of about $12.00 each.

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I bought a frosted plastic liner at Bed Nath and Beyond for about $10. It's treated with something, maybe Triclosan, to resist vacteria and mold. It's very sturdy and stays clean even tho four of us sgare the shower. well, not all at once, haha!

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