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watboyApril 13, 2010

so I had a gutter co. and they gave me a quote for 163 feet worth of gutters. all new aluminum gutters with gutterguard. the quote was for $2400. is that reasonable? sound skinda high. I am in Connecticut

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hmmm nobody?

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Get a second estimate locally without the gutterguard and see how much that option is costing.

Gutterguard is high anyway so that estimate is reasonable for what you are getting.

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We are in Louisiana, I don't recall how many feet of gutter we had installed, but it is a 3200 sq ft house. We had aluminum gutters all the way around, and approx 10 downspouts, at a cost of $2,600. We had this done January 2009.

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U only got one quote? But you do live in a high cost state.

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