Order when installing Roof, Siding & Windows

cindyinctApril 8, 2010

I would like to replace my roof shingles (tear out 2 layers of shingles and replace), but I am also interested in siding and windows. When I do the siding, I am going to have the old cedar shakes removed first. Is there a problem with doing the roof before the siding? My house is a split level, so the lower half of the roof butts up against the siding on the upper half.

Is there a rule of thumb when installing a roof and siding at the same time?

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The better way to do it I think is to do the roof, then do the siding/windows together. Mainly the ladders to get on the roof, debris etc could damage the new siding and windows, while the new siding and windows shouldn't damage the roof.

a good roofer should be able to do a roof without collateral damage, however, if you're doing all of it, I'd do the roof first, but I'm no expert.

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chrisk's suggestion sounds reasonable to me.

Q.) what kind of siding are you doing? If your using vinyl, then why do you want to remove the existing cedar shakes. That's a lot of extra work unless there's a good reason for it.

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I was told that removing the existing shingles is a good idea (they were put on when the house was build in 1958), and are in bad shape (at least on 2 sides). Most of the contractors I've spoken to have suggested it. Also, if I don't, I was told that the windows would look sunk in if that makes sense.

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