Craftsnab GDO

liljeannieApril 6, 2009

I'm locked out of my garage - the remote is in the garage and the keypad only closes the GDO it doesnt open it

HELP - is there some kind of emergancy release code on the keypad?

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If there was an emergency code, the criminals would know it and get in your garage.

Are you sure you are entering the correct code on the key pad?

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Are you positive the keypad only closes the door? What does it do when you try?

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There should be a cable-release, key operated, that releases the door from the GDO mechanism to facilitate manual operation in case of power failure or GDO failure. It is required for detached or other garages without alternative methods of entry.

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Thanks to everyone who posted back
We are in! - I changed the battery on the keyless entry pad
and just kept trying and trying - finally success!!
thanks Again!

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