Is there a forum on house painting?

jerry_njApril 26, 2006

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I can't find one on house painting. In my case deck painting.

I plan to put a solid "stain" on my cedar deck, it already has a solid stain on it, I gave up the clear finish after about ten years of having to constantly redo the job.

The person I spoke with at Home Depot on their Deck-plus solid color latex stain said the deck had to be real dry. For example if I power wash, I need to let it dry all the way through, i.e., not even wet on the underside, otherwise the mositure will try to evaporate up through the new stain and could bubble it. This is new to me, and I can't say how dry the deck was last time I did the solid stain coat a couple of years back. I always understood one advantage of latex is the wood doesn't have to be "perfectly" dry and the cured finish "breaths" which helps let any trapped moisture escape.

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Link below to Wolman site on deck stains. They have a FAQ area and a Ask The expert area. Maybe you can get some answers there. Or read the directions on a can of the deck stain you plan on using. Thet should have surface prep instructions.

For the Home Depot employee answer. Consider the source.....................

Here is a link that might be useful: wolman

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Porches and Decks forum can help with this as well.

Definitely don't shop Home Depot for deck stains. Go to a quality paint store like Sherwin Williams for good deck finishing products.

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Yes, read the instructions (directions), always good advice. These say things like "dry" they don't specify what that means. For example, is wet on the other side not dry? That seems to be the advice form Home Depot. As for marketing one brand over another, I am always happy with following test results, not brand loyality. Consumers gives Behr very good marks on its waterbased solid color stain. I don't recall how they rated SW. I am staining the house over the grand old master: Benjamin Moore - their Moorwood stain. I have some Behr on a shed with about 5 years on it and it looks to be holding up better than the Moorwood which cost about $10 more per gallon. This doesn't say anything about SW or Wolman, for that matter, but as I said Consumers rated Behr at/near the top. I think Cabot may have been as good or better, at higher cost.

Don't know if Behr is sold anywhere other than HD. Is it the HD "house brand"? Do they get it from China : -(

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

The person I spoke with at Home Depot

Ther in lies all your problems.
Go to a real paint store and ask.

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does anyone know a good handyman in kansas city? thanks.
Kansas City handyman

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I was on the Carey Bros. forum and someone was asking the same question for Massachusetts. Ask Steve Ray at Star Distributing . He's in the New England area, and distributes the world's greatest primer for wood. He probably has high-end painting-contractor customers in Boston that he could refer you to.

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