Linens N Things Coupons

janet400March 3, 2006

Did you know that you can use these coupons even after they have expired? Bed, Bath, & Beyond also honors them.

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Yup, BB&B and LnT both accept each other's coupon, but both LnT and BB&B can be way overpriced to begin with such that those coupons only make the item just about average and surely do not buy things without them.


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Since they are overpriced, where is a more reasonable place to buy these items?

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I bought a set of 350 thread count sheets at Linen and Things a few months ago and found that both Sears and The Bay charge $40 MORE for a set with lower thread counts. I found the prices at L&T's to be very reasonable. I also bought a set of acrylic pepper and salt grinders at L&T's for $14.94 which Sears sells for $24.95. I'll be back there again for another set of sheets and I love their kitchen gadgets section. Until January I had never gone into that store thinking it was expensive, but was pleasantly surprised at the prices.

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