Dish drawers -- anyone store glasses?

janet_425April 2, 2010

I had one last chat with the lumber yard cabinet person today. I was telling her that I was going to move some of my cabinet plans around so that I had dish drawers for dishes and the overhead cabs would hold mixing bowls and the like.

She said I still needed to save some of that space for glasses, as dish drawers will let the glasses tip over in the drawers. I just assumed I could find some sort of drawer insert for anything, at least for "everyday" glasses, not crystal stemware.

For those who don't remember my layouts: The overhead cabs are a couple steps from the DW, but the drawers are right there.

A quick image search found dish drawers with coffee cups, but none with glasses. Is this just a bad idea?

Thanks for all your wisdom, I am learning so much here!


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yes, you can get dividers for the drawers.

the drawer would need to be deeper - depends on how tall your glasses are.

see that wood divider in the front? you could put those side to side or front to back for your glasses.
with soft close they shouldn't fall over tho. maybe plastic would...

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Fori is not pleased

I did briefly but I don't care what kind of slides you have--a wiggly 24 month old boy is going to knock them down. Aside from THAT, they worked fine! I didn't need dividers, just a good drawer liner. For lighter items like goblets you might need something to support them.

(My great drawer plans have been pretty much defeated by the little guy. I have lots of drawers, and they have stuff in them, but they are sure messy!)

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oh dear - little ones! lol! forgot about them... I don't have any anymore so it'll work fine for me.

those with toddlers will have to put it off for a few yrs.

in time put their plastic ones in a drawer where they can reach them.

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We have our glasses in drawers, on a cushy liner. They don't even consider falling over or moving around. Now, these are the tumblers and highball-type glasses -- not stemware. The stemware is elsewhere. We also don't have little ones around, so YMMV.

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I keep my kids' glasses (plastic) in a dish drawer so they have easy access to them. We don't have a problem with them tipping over. I do have one divider in that drawer. I keep the kids glasses in the front of the divider and the kids' plates, etc in the back.

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I have all my dishes and glasses - not stemware - in drawers, no dividers or special seperators. They do sit on a liner, but I actually think it is unnecessary. The drawer is right next to the DW and it is a dream to unload. No problem what so ever with the glasses tipping etc. I even stack the coffee cups with no problem. I say "DRAWERS RULE". I do have good slides - no sticking or glitches.

If I had the room, I would even try my stemware in a drawer, but I am out of room.

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Thanks. I'll motor on with my plans to store the glasses near the DW in drawers. My kids are 9 and up, so toddlers are not an issue.

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I have a drawer with glasses in it, mostly plastic tumblers, and glass juice glasses, some of them stackable (so the kids can easily reach them) They don't fall over at all, but the juice glasses that are stacked sometimes clink when I shove the door shut. They are perfectly fine, though. No chips or cracks. They sit on a cushy liner with no dividers at all. I have Blum glides with soft close.

The stemware and larger glasses will go in upper cabinets.

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Maybe this isn't a problem, but the one thing I think about when hearing about glasses stored in drawers is fingerprints/smudges--especially in the areas that come in contact with the mouth. Are glasses usually stored upside down in drawers (so that they can be grabbed at the base)? If so, is any dampness left from the dw a problem?

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Fori is not pleased

Zelmar, I store plastic kidware in what was to be my glass drawer and plastic of course doesn't dry well in the DW. I have a bumpy drawer liner and items manage to dry OK inverted. Not that they stay inverted for long...

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zelmar -

I do store ,ine upside-down in the drawer, on a cushy liner. I don't have much moisture from the DW as long as I get the DW emptied and don't let things sit for two days.

BUt I know what you mean about the plastics. We have a tupperware drawer, as well. Those items I let dry on a towel after pulling them from the DW -- only then do they go into the drawer.

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Ditto what jakabedy said. We store ours the same way, though I rarely have wet plastics. My "Le Cheapeau" or "El Cheapo" dishwasher does a fine job with plastic ware, unless it has a deep divet or a rim where water gets trapped--then I dry it before I put it away. I learned my lesson when an insulated coffee cup--that I thought was dry-- leaked thru the bottom and got all over the bottom of my cabinet. Grrrrrr.

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I store my glasses in a drawer. No dividers or special liner, I actually use wallpaper as my liner in all my drawers. I've had no problems with tipping, fingerprints or moisture. And I do store them upside down.

I think that a lot of misconceptions about what will or won't work in a drawer are based on old style drawers and hardware. Nowadays, the hardware is so good and glides so easily that you can pretty much store anything in a drawer. I can see that not being true with my previous kitchen's drawers, though.

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I store my dishes, drinking glasses, cups and bowls in a drawer. No dividers, just a cushy liner. Glasses are bottom-up, and never fall over. Stemware is elsewhere.

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We have our "excess" glasses in a drawer as well. They're on one of those squishy liners and upside down (I store all our cups/glasses upside down).

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We store all of our glasses, coffee cups, and toddler cups in a drawer lined with that bumpy drawer liner from costco. The plates and bowls (mostly china) are in the drawer underneath the drawer with glasses and cups. During the day, it is often my 4 year old and 2 year old who empty most of the dishwasher! I LOVE having all the dishes in drawers. No more chairs being hauled into the kitchen when the kids need plates or cups. We have had no problems having china and glasses in the lower drawers, even with a house full of kids. The only adjustment was the first few weeks in the new kitchen when we would reach for the cupboard above the coffee maker when looking for coffee cups. :)

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