Ivory or white sheets with this PB duvet and quilt?

juddgirl2July 13, 2014

My new mattress was just delivered - yay! I'm planning on getting some new sheets and also a boxspring cover since I don't like seeing the boxspring when the duvet is folded over.

I'd like the sheets to complement my new PB ivory linen duvet/shams and porcelain blue quilt/shams (quilt is folded at the end of the bed). The bed is cherry stained quartersawn oak. I'm not sure if I should get ivory or white sheets.

We've always used ivory and it looks nice with the duvet cover and quilt, but I'm realizing there are so many different shades depending on the manufacturer. If I purchase an ivory boxspring cover then I might have a harder time matching it to the sheets than if I just went with white. I don't want to be limited to one manufacturer if I buy more sheets later.

Do you think white sheets would look good with the ivory duvet cover and blue quilt/shams? Also, any suggestions on where to find nice Egyptian cotton sheets and a boxspring cover?

Porcelain blue silk quilt and shams:

Ivory linen duvet cover:

IRL it looks closer to this color on the bottom pillow:

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Just have to compliment your taste as it's mine too.

I selected all the bedding from PB, a white comforter with porcelain blue duvet permanently folded at the foot. Also PB sheets (forget the style name) are white with porcelain blue embroidery. No box spring cover as the comforter and bed rails hide ours.

Personally I wouldn't mix ivory and white - you have PB ivory already so be consistent. Quite certain they have sheets to match. I'm partial to white for all my bedding as I can always bleach if necessary to restore the color.

I've linked our MBR for you to compare. Enjoy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our MBR

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White goes with everything and looks crisp and sleekâ¦I love white sheets and bath towels. It's also easier to keep clean since, if you have to, you can always use bleach..although try not to!

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I love mixing ivory and white but always buy white sheets and towels for our bedrooms and batha. It's funny you should ask this today because I was just thinking this morning that I should start replacing the white with ivory because the white gets dingy too quick.

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louislinus, throw some borax in the wash with the whites, or what our grandmothers used: Mrs. Stewart's Bluing

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluing laundry whitener

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I would rather have all white or all ivory. I have an ivory matelassé, so I did have to shop around for the "right" ivory sheets, but it wasn't too hard to find what I needed.

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I was pondering this same question recently with our MBR duvet and found that the RH Ivory is really beautiful. It blends with everything and looks more like a creamy white than the PB version of ivory.

Here is a link that might be useful: ivory sheets at RH

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fnmroberts - beautiful bedroom! Yes, my bed looks almost exactly like yours. I'm looking for sheets elsewhere since the ivory PB everyday sheet that I bought is too dark. Their ivory in the next sheet set up is lighter but says only fits mattresses up to 16". I need 18" minimum for my pillowtop.

Tibbrix - thanks for the laundry whitening tip. I could use this to whiten up DD's sheets and bath towels.

louislinus - I sometimes like a mix of ivory and white too, but wasn't sure if it would work so well with the porcelain blue thrown in the mix. I noticed DD"s towels and sheets seemed to get dingier than my ivory ones. If you're switching to ivory, I would recommend Costco's Charisma towels. They're a creamier ivory (remind me of French vanilla ice cream) but very pretty and soft and seem to lighten a bit over time.

jjam - thanks so much for the link. I was thinking of checking RH since I have a rewards certificate to use. The color does look more like the creamy white I prefer, and they're Egyptian cotton with deep pockets!

msrose - I do love my older light ivory sheets with the PB ivory, but I had to replace the fitted sheet and can't find one to match. The PB sheet I bought is so much darker. When I went linen shopping yesterday it seemed every ivory was so different. Some were more beige, others were more yellow. The RH link jjam posted looks promising though and I think RH sells boxspring covers too.

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Stark white. It's a gorgeous contrast and goes with everything you have. Beautiful bedroom, btw.

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I love the look of white and ivory together and would not hesitate to use that combination.

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white UNLESS the water in your area discolors whites after a while

we have lots of white bedding and towels, but after a few months of laundering nothing's quite as pretty as it once was....

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We have a wrought iron bed at our place in the mountains and I didn't want to cover the decorative side rails with a bedskirt. I covered the box springs with a zippered mattress protector and then bought an extra fitted sheet that matched the bed sheets and put that on top of the box springs.

It's also easy to take off and launder - you don't have to remove the box springs.

I actually have 2 fitted sheets (one ivory, one white) that I use depending on which bed cover I'm using. In winter I have a ivory duvet cover and I use a matching ivory fitted sheet on the box springs.

In the summer I use a white matelesse coverlet and then I use a white fitted sheet over the box spring cover.

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Thanks so much for the comments.

I went to RH today and both their white and ivory sheets are very nice. The ivory is very close to a soft white and the white doesn't seem too stark. I think either would work. I just need to decide whether I want the Italian washed 454 thread count or the Hotel Collection 210 count.

They have a nice ivory matelassé boxspring cover that I thought might work with the PB linen duvet cover. It's very close in color and adds a different texture.

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