Taking a fence with me when I move

weed30April 25, 2010

How feasible is this? I want to install a 6' tall cedar fence using the ready made panels, but I hope to move in the next year, and hate to lose all of that money. I am thinking I could just have the panels detached and install them at a new house. The posts may or may not need to be replaced. I really need a better fence for my dogs, so that's why I don't want to wait if I don't have to.

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It can be done, though the buyer of your current home would have to know that you're taking the fence with you and would probably want a compensating amount taken off of the sale price.
If you do it, use screws instead of nails to attach the panels to the posts. That should reduce damage on disassembly. On disassembly, handle the sections with care as they probably won't be as sturdy after a year out in the weather.

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Thanks for your reply. My house will be torn down, so no worries about a new owner. Great tip about the screws.

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Another suggestion, weed30: You might want to just use those steel fence posts (Tractor Supply has them) rather than a good 4x4 pressure treated one. Maybe attach a 4' section of treated 2x4 to the part sticking out of the ground so that you have something to nail your panels to. May not be quite as strong as a concrete-collared post, but as long as you get the heavier ones, should be good enough for a year (at least). That'll be much easier to pull up and take with you when you go...

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A more effective lower cost alternative for a temporary fence would be to purchase the metal fencing posts referenced above and then purchase a fence charging system with an electric wire run about 6" off the ground and another run 24" off the ground. The dogs will learn the boundaries very quickly and the whole system can be rolled back up and moved very easily to your new location where it can be installed as is or as an addition component to a more traditional privacy fence. Electric fences are the most foolproof method of restraining even escape artist type dogs like huskies.

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tryinbrian - Good idea - I will check that out.

live wire oak - I'm not keen on electric fences. I don't trust them, and besides, they wouldn't work in my situation. One of my dogs is a beagle, and once on a scent, an electric fence won't stop her. The shock would have to be enough to physically knock her off the fence, something I'm definitely not willing to do.

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