almost 6 dollars US for unleaded gas in Scotland

quiltingbunnyMarch 13, 2003

ya wonder why we take the bus to work? why I walk more?

makes ya even think twice about holidays!

it could be worse???


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Wow. I hear that the mass transit systems abroad are much better than here. I could drive 5 miles to the train station and take a train direct to NYC, but I can't get a bus to the local mall (less than 5 miles away.) Oh well. I like it here. If I lived in NYC I'd definitely be taking mass transit everywhere. MIL is from the city and didn't get a driver's license until she had been living in Jersey for a couple of years.

I hope you have a lock on your gas cap.

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Ours went up. Last Sunday I filled up for $1.46, and today it's $1.60. That's a big jump for 5 days.

I should be thankful. I hear GA has the lowest prices in the country on average.

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I guess that puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

I remember back in the early '90s I worked with a guy who was from Scotland. He went out and bought the largest car he could find that was made around 1975 (gas guzzler). At the time I was driving a little sipper Geo Metro that got 45 mpg. I asked him what his logic was and he said that gas was so expensive in the UK, we didn't know how good we had it here in the US!! He was going to drive the kind of car he could never afford to have back home!!!

I guess $2/gallon isn't bad when you look at it that way!!


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and we wonder why all the cars in Europe are tiny little tin cans--at least most of them!

I live in NYC and have a car, but I use it very little. (there are still some places mass transit doesn't connect very well)

Here in NYC the mass transit works best at bringing people in to the center of Manhattan and back out again--like the spokes of a wheel. It doesn't always do that good a job at taking people around th erim or between the spokes.

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