Can old paint on woodwork be removed?

janegaelApril 25, 2013

I bought an old (1958) house with paint smears on the woodwork. The woodowork is a lovely color and I hate to lose it. I don't know if I can remove old paint (it appears to be latex) without wrecking the woodwork. I'm slightly disabled so really labor intensive work is out, but I can piece away at a project. I can't afford to replace every bit of woodwork in the house (yeah, they were that sloppy.) Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

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You can try scraping/shaving the white paint with a single edge razor blade.

In the process you will probably scratch some of the finish off the woodwork. It should be fairly easy to fixup the stain and apply another coat of varnish.

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Try isopropyl alcohol (AKA 'rubbing alcohol') (90%+) from the drug store.

What finish is on the wood greatly affects what solvents can be used to remove the latex.

Mechanical removal (razor blade, sanding) is VERY likely to damage any finish on the wood.

Alcohol or paint thinner with a non-woven pad with NO abrasive added (3M ones are typically gray) usually gets latex off with minimal damage.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I don't think thinner will work on latex, but maybe? It all depends on the finish on the wood trim

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Try a plastic 1" putty knife or the edge of an old credit card. "Oops" used gently is another option.

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Spray 9 cleaner on a small area. I have accidentally removed latex and acrylic paints when cleaning with this heavy duty all purpose cleaner.

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Hi. If the paint is latex try soap and water and a nylon pot scrubber.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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Try Goof Off.

It's not too harsh and works on a bunch of stuff.

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If the wood finish has some build, using automobile rubbing compound might remove the smears without damaging the finish. It is a gentle abrasive that does not scratch and does not depend on chemical action. Try a small section.
Looks like a rental tenant did that painting.

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If latex, rubbing alcohol will easily take off the paint from the woodwork

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This has been asked by the same individual a few days ago. Please don't double post a thread, it can become confusing. Check your other thread for more suggestions

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SouthernCanuck: if you looked at the date on the other thread, you will see that the OP posted this one first. I don't know why he/she started a new thread and agree with your opinion that multiple posts by the same person on the same topic are redundant and simply create confusion.

However, your post directing people to the "other" post instead of this original one only adds to the confusion. The other (second) post should be left to die.

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