Pics of mcm clocks and art- how do they look so far?

rockybirdJuly 21, 2014

Some people have asked for pics of my clocks. Most are original clocks by Nelson from the 50's. They are pretty rare. Does the style I hung them look okay? I was going to put a tv under the orange cabinet, but I dont think I will now as I just dont watch tv much. I guess I could hang some clocks or artwork in the space? I was thinking of breaking up the wall of clocks to the right of the orange cab and mixing in a couple art pieces...what do you all think? The house isnt quite finished being remodeled, but I'm working on the landscaping for now, as I might add an addition and dont want to proceed with the remodel until I decide on the addition.

I still have several tile pieces from Evelyn Ackerman (midcentury Ca. artist) and a couple pics from Karel Apel to hang. I was just going to continue the style..mixing clocks with art?


More EA tile pieces:

more pics of house (for EmmJay and Justgotabme):

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You know I absolutely love your house, OK I am prejudiced since I also own a MCM home! I am so glad you posted all of these! Wow what an impressive collection of clocks and art. I think the long art piece of the boat that is sitting on the floor would look awesome under the orange cabinet, the colors would tie in great.
You have truly embraced MCM in everything in your home. It is a great show house for the MCM style.

I just have no idea how you can keep it so spotless especially around the bird cages. I could vacuum up every single seed and before I could walk away there was more hitting the floor.

Fantastic, thanks for sharing.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I forgot to say how jealous I am of all the incredible Evelyn Ackerman art you own. Holy smokes the tiles are incredible. Do you have any of their tall ceramic bottles with stoppers? I was looking for them in the pictures.
They were both fantastic artist.

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Assume you have been collecting all these pieces for years. And everything is displayed very well...I wouldn't change a thing. Can I ask where you are located? Looks like Palm Springs.....

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Looks like Palm Springs to me, too. Just wondering...

I was sure I wasn't going to like it (I'm not a big fan of "collections") and then I opened it up and it's fabulous!

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I've always wondered what it must be like to have a place with wonderful architecture. Jealous!

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Your home is so fun!! I am trying to imagine how long it takes to collect all the perfect pieces you have! My suggestion would be to fill the wall under the orange cabinet with clocks. The walls to the right could then hold your tiles and other art. Collections are best shown off when they are grouped together vs spread and sprinkled. Not my opinion, read it somewhere, but for some reason this came to mind seeing your space. Thank you for sharing and please continue to post your progress.

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I love your home. I am no good at modern so take this with a grain of salt, but I would like to see a larger piece below the orange cabinet. That would anchor the wall, to me.

How do you keep Mr. Rockybird off all those lovely clocks? I had to give Penny (red-bellied parrot) a slight clip so she'd stay off the trim! :)

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Holly- Kay

I love it!

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robo (z6a)

Can you write me into your will? In return I promise to take care of the birds and keep them far from my cats.

I love your collection and thanks for sharing your eye candy.

This is only my personal opinion so take with grain of salt:

Some of the larger clocks I feel could hold down a piece of wall all by themselves without other little clocks around. For example, the orange clock in your first picture. It's so big it (IMO) deserves pride of place.

Then the little clocks, for a truly impressive display, I would cluster them even more top to bottom. For example, on your kitchen wall where two clocks are displayed, I would be tempted to go clock-wild and get about 20 up there, or just go with one big one.

I guess I am voting for a bigger more clustered statement in a concentrated area, punctuated by one truly outstanding piece by itself on occasion.

That said you have a wonderful eye and I love your displays!! Your house already looks 1000x better than mine.

This display of clocks at Bellevue Arts Museum looks nice and runs contrary to my thoughts above, as it incorporates clocks of varying sizes:

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I personally love the way you have them randomly scattered throughout the house. I do love the wall of clocks in the post above and like how they are framed. I think one wall in your house could be done that way. The same with the EA tiles one huge statement wall. You certainly have the collection to do it. The EA tiles could be the entire wall under the orange cabinet, just remove the other pieces that are there. It would be a massive dose of eye candy with those fabulous colors.
I think I saw some of your auction wins online.

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Thanks you everyone for the kind words! :) Sometimes I wonder what people think so this is nice to hear.

Ravencajun - Thanks! LOL I have to sweep several times a day and it STILL doesnt get up all the bird seed. It gets everywhere because I let the parrots "help" me in the kitchen and they eat their dinners in the dining area on top of the cages you see. I feel like I can never get it truly clean! I like your idea of the viking tile piece between the cabs. I am a little worried as the outlets are there also and might make it hard to hang the viking piece. I am so scared of the EA pieces falling that I am thinking of paying someone to hang them for me. I dont have any of the vases with stoppers. I have never seen one available, but they would look great on my shelf units!

Joaniepoanie and sjhockeyfan - it's in Phoenix. Thank you. :)

Arcy and robotropolis - Thanks! I think I will try the larger clocks on a wall as you suggest, Arcy. Something isnt right about the wall with the sunflower clocks. I think the clocks around it are too small?

tracie.erin - LOL Rocky is actually a she! I found out her sex after calling her a "he" for 12 years! I do not let the parrots around the clocks. I keep their wings clipped. Rocky will try to fly after me out the door and I have too many close calls. Although I will say one little parakeet found a perch! I couldnt find him because he blended right in!

Thanks robotropolis! I will look at putting more clocks on the ktichen wall. Also, clustering them more. I think this would look better than how I have them. I think there is too much white wall as it is now?

Ravencajun - I cant fit all the EA pieces under the orange cabine...maybe just one? I was thinking of either the viking one or the colorful one with all the shapes (it's 5 ft. long)?

I just acquired this clock. It may be one of the last ones I get. I have wanted the pretzel clock for a long time.

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Fori is not pleased

Clock envy. I didn't even know it was a thing.

Does the blue guy only sit on the blue clock?

(Sorry, I'm no help, but thanks for sharing your clocks!)

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Does anyone really know what time it is??

That collection of clocks is not only impressive it is extraordinary! And the art as well!! Thanks for sharing your place rockybird. I think the whole shebang looks fine so far :)

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WOWZA! I'm drooling all over my keyboard!

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Oh how cool! I loved looking at all your clocks! I never knew they could be so many varieties, shapes and types. You have displayed them so well in your home! Thank you for sharing them, and the gorgeous artwork, with us.

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love the clocks, your house and RockyBird!

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Ditto to what everyone said about your fab home, Rockybird. Just wanted to add that you're a very good photographer, too!

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Fabulous house!!! It really makes me feel Happy!!!

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Thank you everyone!

hokypoky - Thanks but I think it's the lighting! I wish it were the photographer.

Pipdog I cant wait to see updates on your house!

The bird on the clock is Sky. I got him to keep my other parakeet, Pip, company. Pip was found outside by a friend in rough shape. He is such a happy little fella now!

This one is Rocky. I after 12 yrs I found out that she was a girl, not a boy! She's 13 yrs. old now.

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Thanks for posting this link on my thread. Your clocks are a amazing! They've put me into an atomic age swoon. Love the birds, too. I have a Quaker parrot who has the run of the house, but now that. I have a dog he doesn't come i to the family room anymore because Bolt wants to devour him. Hopefully I'll have a better pet set-up at the new house.

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I have to ditto everything said about the clocks, the house and the birds! Two questions: 1) Do you know who designed your house and 2) Is that a polished concrete floor?

My very favorite photo is of Sky on the blue clock. Don't you just know he thought it needed a bit more blue?!

Funny about Rocky's sex 'outing'. My mom had a cockatiel she named Joseph. After many years, Joseph became Josephine when 'he' laid an egg!

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Your whole house and clock collection is fabulous, but the photo of Sky with the blue clock is so adorable.

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Clocks and tile art are both fabulous collections and the birds are adorable! TFS

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Thanks EmmaJay! I cant wait to see pics of your house as it progresses. I know a few people who lost their birds to be very careful. :)

Tomatofreak-its an overlay of some sort. The previous owners had used a complete mishmash of tiles - several different types - and the grout lines would have ghosted through if I had polished the concrete. However, this overlay is not holding up well and I will have to tile over it eventually. Any updates on your house?

The house was designed by Al Beadle. The previous owners had tried to make it into some sort of mix between Roman and country. I had to gut it to the studs to restore much of it.

Here is a link to some of his work:

Thank you gsciencechick and luckygal! :)

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Those clocks are AMAZING!!!

How nice to see that another has had birds fly in and stay!

This one hasn't moved from a primitive nail on one of my ceiling beams in two years!

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Then this one on the mirror in my LR

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And here is Howie the cow, sliding up and down the clock on my FP mantel.

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