Gutter Guard install problem?

lmiskowiczApril 12, 2014

Just had some gutter guards installed and this is what I found at multiple places. Is this normal? It just doesn't look right to me.

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I would say that's normal, for a poor installation.

No idea what accessory that is, but the plane of the guard is supposed to slope towards the gutter. Water capillary action is sure to take place.

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That is what I was thinking about the angle of the guard. Good thing they don't have my money yet!

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It looks to me like rather than reinstall the gutter, they place this metal to attempt to make it work.

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Regardless of the reason I believe I am entitled to have them come and fix it am I not? I just got off the phone with our contractor and its as if he didn't believe me that this would become an issue. When I mentioned I wouldn't be paying for it he relented some but I feel that a con job is coming on here when they come out to "take a look." What should it look like? I assume it all should be flush with the roof line and the guard angled towards the gutter correct?

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"It looks to me like rather than reinstall the gutter, they place this metal to attempt to make it work."

I agree with Tre.

Your gutters were originally installed high on the fascia and didn't allow for insertion of that style gutter guard, so they had to modify it to make it work. It is difficult to remove aluminum gutters and reinstall them without damaging the gutters.

I don't have enough experience with this style gutter guards to say if this is a typical retrofit or not, but it doesn't look pretty.

I'd expect that repositioning the gutters (and potentially have to replace them) would likely double the cost to do the job.

I believe the contractor should have made you aware of this before he did the work.

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I found a web site that had decent pictures of such a system installed. It looks similar to yours.

See how the one I posted sits deeper in the gutter, and the part that slides under the shingles is flat to the roof? I think that's how yours should have been installed - on yours, the lip of the gutter guard is up way too high, either because it wasn't pushed down into the gutter, or because the unit is too big for your gutters.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

Here is a link that might be useful: gutter guard

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That Guard will cause more damage than good Installed like that. Looks like its leaning back towards the roof. Water always flows to the least area of resistance. The Gutter needs to be lowered. As long as the gutter is screwed in its not that hard to re pitch the gutter. I wouldnt listen to any solution to fixing this than re pitching the gutter if not you will start to see problems before long. I've been installing gutter guards for years this product wont work for long even installed right.

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