Photoshop border question

Virginia7074May 25, 2005

I used Photoshop 5.5 to create a magnet for my school last year. Need to update it this year and it's almost finished, except that I want to put a solid black border around it and cannot for the life of me get anything but a gradient. I dragged the select tool around the outside, went to Select, Modify, Border, typed in the size, clicked the background color (black) and selected black on the palette. When I click the paint bucket, it pours a gradient around it. The kicker is that I put a solid black border around it last year - didn't even know you could do a gradient border! I don't use PhotoShop very often, but need an EPS file. I know 5.5 is old, too, but my school will get a newer version next year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Sorry about that Virginia,
Everyone must be out doing their Spring cleaning?

I use PSP7 & 8 and it works with a click of the button.
No need to drag and pour.


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That's OK, Urlee. Our URL is changing next year, so I'm on hold until we find out what it will be; otherwise, we'd just have to redirect. Last year, I think I changed the canvas color to black - or maybe created a new document with a black canvas - then copied it. I'm going to try to recreate that. Thanks!

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Sorry about that Virginia. I thought for sure someone here could help you as I thought some used PhotoShop?

Good luck with what you do do and stop in to peek here once in awhile.


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