Amaryllis Red Head Pinup

Summer_NHMay 16, 2005

I had to do something with this awesome retro tube. I made a set of tags also. I'm not putting any of them on my website, because they may shut down, so I'm looking for another. Meanwhile, I'll just post the link to the zip file from the site I store the zips at, which is a different site. So you can get the set HERE.

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Ooooooooooh Summer,
I hope you don't lose ALL you have on your website to where we can not flourish in it?

I was just thinking of e-mailing you to personally thank you as a lifesaver of how to do two things I wanted to do that I remembered of you having on your website about outlook express.

Oh how sad! Please tell me it is not so?

You did another beauty with that tube up there.


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I agree with everything Urlee said. I sure hope you have it all backed up somewhere(I'm sure you do!!). I lost a few pictures I had at one site I was trying because I didn't check in enough but I still had them on my computer.
Love the new pic.

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Gee, I forgot to come back here to thank everyone. I have been so busy.


Everything I have on my website is also on my hard drive. I also use wordzones backup. I have each pages html codes saved. But when I find a new site, each page will have a new name for each file, so it will be a little work. I figure I can just use notepad to change all of the file names to the new site.

For example, one of the gifs on my website is named "";. And every other gif or jpg on each page will have the ""; before it. So I will just click on "Edit/Replace" in notepad, and replace the world zone address with the new one. So if there are say 10 images on each page, it will do them all in a second or so. Of course I have several pages to do. I am going to look for a program that could do all of my pages at once, if there is such a thing.


I'm afraid they are going to close, (the free one) but I'll get another one. But the OE inst. are at another site and will stay. Here's that address...
OE Pages

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Thanks for the good news on that one Summer.

Keep us posted on your sites as they are so terrific!


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