Eye Candy in PSP 8 & 9

sugar_flMay 10, 2006

I have eye candy 3.01 & 4000 installed & no problems in psp7 but in 8 & 9 they don't show. I have gone to preferences & pointed the way to them with no luck. All the other filters seem to be there & work fine. Any ideas how I can get EC to show & work in 8 & 9?



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Gosh Sugar,
Unless I do it alot, I forget the "Hows & Do's" of what I did when that happened or if that happened to me but----- did you try to install directly to the plugin file of PSP9 to see if it would work that way in 9?

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Hi Sugar,

I use Psp 8.1 & Eye Candy 3.1.....I have EC located in:
- My Documents
- My Psp8 Files
- Plug-ins

and it works fine at that location.....when I go to Preferences, Plug-ins, I have 2 locations showing....the Program File location & My Documents....are you showing both lines in your Preferences?.....

Hope this helps,

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I finally just deleted EC 4000 & put it back on & it worked.. I tried what is in the post above but it didn't work.

NOW I need a little help in PSP 8 still. I'm getting the message that my auto save is corrupt.. can I fix that? Auto save is VERY important to me as I get booted some.. quite a bit really.

Also I can't figure out how to make a gradient from 2 colors in a tube. When I put it on Grad. I always get a black & white grad.
Hope I don't have to delete PSP8 & start over But if I have to I will.

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