Windows in steel entry doors

cscott09April 29, 2009

I have a steel entry door with three windows (two panels and a half round at the top). On the exterior side of the door, between the storm door and the steel door, the plastic framing around each window has cracked and shrunk. This framing holds the window in place. I cannot identify the door manufacture for the door. Where can I get replace frames for these windows?

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No one can guess. Sorry

Plastic doesn't shrink. Are you sure it isn't the caulk that "cracked and shrunk"?

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Since you're not sure of the manufacturer, I'd either 1) take a picture to a home supply store so they know exactly what you're talking about or 2) look under "Doors" in the yellow pages and contact a retailer who sells similar products to ask them if they can get replacement parts.

We had to have a similar piece replaced due to leaking; however we knew the original manufacturer & they came out & replaced it under warranty.

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I have a similar door and the installation instructions
specifically said NOT to use a storm door because of the
tremendous heat that builds up between the doors.
I used one anyway, but make sure to get the screen in
the door before the weather gets too warm.

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Even if you know the name of the door manufacturer there is no guarantee that they could identify the molding on your door because there are dozens of different shapes of that molding and often a manufacturer may change material in mid production run.

The best bet is to remove one section of the molding and take it to the store to have them match what you have. If they cannot match the original material they can usually provide a suitable replacement. The key here is to get enough to remove all the original and replace it with the new material to get a good match.

The likelihood of finding the molding in a home supply store or a hardware store is slim to none. Take your sample to a commercial glass & mirror supplier and ask them to match it for you. In most cases they can match it, but if not they will be able to offer a suitable substitute. In addition, generally they will take the time to walk you through the shop area and have one of their glazing experts demonstrate how to cut and install it.

Typically the moldings comes in a 6' strip so getting enough to replace the whole frame is not a problem.

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