Roof Replaced -Does this work description seem right?

kjeppyApril 8, 2009


I am getting my roof replaced. There are currently 2 layers of shingles that will be ripped off and replaced. There is also a small area where the plywood will be replaced. I don't know alot about roofs, and want to make sure that everything on this description is part of the normal routine of having a roof replaced. There will be a 14 man crew, all employeed by the company doing my roof, and it will take one day. I have a average sized capecod (don't know the sq. footage. Thanks!

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Sounds decent. Along with this, you will want in writing what they warrant as far as the install is concerned. Shingle, underlayment mfgr's have their own seperate warranties, but you will want to be protected in case of something cropping up if there is a faulty install of the underlayment, flashing, venting, or the shingles themselves. Make sure you are covered for any damages occured by them on the project, again in writing. You will also want to make sure the outfit is licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask them to give you adresses of recent projects so you can drive by and take a look. Check their references.

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This is a comprehensive roof replacement. He's touched all the bases as far as ice and water shield, underlayment, venting, etc. Seems like a competant overview of the job. Hopefully the actual job execution will be comprable to the estimate detail.

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Thank you for the input!

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I just had mine replaced and the details look good.

One recommendation I'd make is to measure your roof yourself if possible. I had 3 or 4 bids and the company with the best reputation was way over on his number of squares required. He came back and found he made a mistake, but better to know for sure what the true size is. Obviously the bid will be higher due to waste, and most of the bids laid out the actual square size and total squares required due to waste.

Also around my area ice and water shield in the valleys is standard, but not at the eaves. I added that as an extra and luckily was at home when they tried to just slip regular felt paper down since that's what they do on 99% of the houses in my area. Point being be home if possible to watch the work since it's only 1 day. I doubt you'll catch anything but it's good peace of mind.

Do you currently have roof vents or a ridge vent? The quote is pretty vague about that. If you currently have vents and are sticking with vents I'd expect them to be replaced as part of the install. If you have a ridge vent then it looks fine.

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I would ask that they include legal disposal of the debris (proper permits, etc.) in order to protect against liability for illegal dumping.

I would ask that the finish of the drip edge be specified unless you want a mill finish.

I would cover the whole roof with Ice & Water Shield or at least get a price for substituting it for the felt underlayment unless you are in a warm dry location with little wind. If it is too expensive at least specify the distance the I&WS extends back beyond the exterior wall below.

Specify the kind of flashing especially at the chimneys.

Specify the fasteners (nails instead of staples)

Review the need for eave vents since the ridge vent will not be very effective without them.

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Even though the contract does specify nail sweep, do your own inspection. When the shingles get torn off the roof, nails end up everywhere. When we had a roof redone, we also ended up with two flat tires, thanks to roofing nails that had not gotten swept up.

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Get a large magnet on wheels to pick up the stray nails.

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Ditto the magnet. When I was young and "knew it all", I stripped a roof and even though I made a chute out of a tarp to send the materials into the trailer, nails still fell around. Insisting that i never allowed even one nail to escape, the wise old homeowner came out with a magnet on a rope and proceded to watch me stick my boot in my mouth. It was amazing how many of those nails "escaped" the chute!

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I ditto checking for nails on the ground---my diabetic brothers ended up with toe amputations (due to loss of sensation in their feet) they couldn't feel it when they stepped on roofing nails . They also had 2 flat tires. I would suggest cutting your grass before they do the roofing job---easier for magetic wheel to pick up nails in short grass.

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