Will this be worth the cost?

kathy_March 2, 2003

Check out this link...

I did an online application but it might be too late if this one is gone I'll get another....


Here is a link that might be useful: money can buy me love

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Awwww, how cute!! I have 3 dogs so I'm biased, but I think they are definitely worth the cost.

Azarae D.

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I guess I'm biased regarding pets, too, as we have four cats. DH & I agree that the cost for them is nothing compared to the love & companionship that they provide, which is priceless. I hope to never be without a pet!

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I musta missed it, but from the previous posts, I'm thinking it was comparing the cost of owning pets to what you get back out of it?

Shall I tell you how much I spent spoiling my 3 pooches this weekend on my monthly shopping trip? Suffice it to say, they're worth a *lot* to me, and worth every single penny spent on them (and I'm pretty sure that what I spend on them is cheaper than actual therapy...). :-)

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The original price is only the down payment ...

hope you don't have to visit the vet too often.

BTW - I couldn't access the link - "error" "expired" or something, plus blank page.


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That's true Ed, but some things are worth paying for. I think we can all agree on that since we're all contributing members. And those who aren't don't get a vote! (evil)LOL My dogs cost beaucoup bucks, but I never complain about the $. I do complian about the hair, the anxiety disorder accompanied by nusiance barking, disobedience, etc, but never the money.

BTW, we got our boxer from petfinder.com. DH saw him on the web, and convinced me to drive all the way to south Jersey to "see" him. We brought our other dog with us just to "see" if they got along. And we brought our check book "just in case." Needless to say, we returned home with one more dog than we went with! We paid a $150 donation which covered the cost of the vaccinations and neuter that he received while in the care of the rescuer. Can't beat that for a pure breed dog (even one with anxiety disorder.) Of course, I love mutts too!

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I think pets are well worth the expense, but you do have to realize what Ed says is true- that's only the down payment.

Animals get sick, and vet care can be expensive, especially if the illness is complicated. Emergency visits are easily $100 before they even get to labwork, X-rays, ECGs, ultrasounds, IV fluids, etc. And some illnesses are long-term and require regular monitoring (read regular outlays of money). You never expect your dog to get sick, and of course you do everything possible to prevent illnesses, but sometimes it's just unavoidable. We just had a tragedy on our family when our Rottie Kang got sick and died at only 6 years of age. We tried everything to save him, and it cost over $2000, but he died despite it all. My sister in law just lost her 6 year old dog as well, rather suddenly to an acute illness, and cost her $1500. Our other Rottie got chronic hepatitis, and thankfully she's over it, but that cost over $1500 for the 9 months of regular bloodwork, medicines, and diagnostics, not including her spay and final liver biopsy which cost $600. Keep in mind I'm a vet tech and get substantial discounts for all vet bills too (even at the emergency/specialty hospital).

All I'm saying is that although dogs are certainly worth it, be prepared to spend some money on vet bills because it will most certainly happen. Kang was our healthiest dog until he got sick and died. If money is tight, I'd pass until you are comfortable with being able to pay at least $1000 for emergency service at any given point. Because that amount is surprisingly easy to spend.

I hate to sound like a downer, but as a tech, I see so many animals euthanized because people took on more than they can handle finacially. Their hearts are in the right place to be sure, but it breaks my heart and theirs to have to put their animal down because the medical bills are so high.

There is pet insurance which covers many non-congenital problems. You may want to take a look at that because it can be a big help if there ever is a problem. Most also give you money to help with annual vaccines and such. Do a search for pet insurance and see if any strike your fancy.

Again, I want to stress that dogs are certainly worth the money, but you do have to be prepared to any unexpected outlay of possibly large amounts of money. Otherwise, volunteer at a shelter to get your dog fix. I don't know what your money situation is obviously, and I don't want to seem like I think you can't afford a dog, I just want to make sure you are aware of how expensive they can be.

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Well the puppy is gone so I won't get her anyway. I know those pets can get expensive but part of the problem is that people keep putting money into them when it is hopeless. Part of that is emotion and part of it is vets who keep pushing to "save" the animal. A case in point - hubby's brother had a beagle who was hit by a car and operated on. The older she got - she was over 13 - the more pain she was in and had she a hard time getting around because of being crippled with the old injuries. Finally the brother had enough and even though he loved that old dog he took her to get put "to sleep". The vet wanted to do x-rays on her! His brother said no.
We had the same thing with a dog we had but he came to the point he could not walk. The vet said either he had cancer or his heart was giving out but the vet wanted to try to save him. My gosh the dog could not get off the ground! It is always heartbreaking to lose pets. One reason I want another dog is that we have a sheltie who is 5 and are very attached to him. Too attached... Another dog would mean when the sheltie dies there would not be an empty house here. The sheltie would not accept a large full grown dog in the house so I need to get a smaller puppy and let her "grow" on him since he likes little dogs. When I bought my dog he cost $150 and I got papers with him. The shelter pup costs the same amount.
By the way hubby and I were talking about it one day and I asked him if Sam needed surgery and it cost $10,000 what would he do? The answer was have it done. Love gets expensive sometimes.... Kathy_PA

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Take in a stray ...

... way cheaper than picking one up at the shelter: they charge an arm and ... well - half of a leg.

ole joyful

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The post didn't work for me :/

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Freedomfe, someone bumped up a 9-year-old thread, so it's no wonder that the link isn't working.

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I had an older dog who developed a "wart" on her front leg. Apparently it bothered her, she kept biting it and it kept bleeding. Took her to the vet and asked to have the wart removed. The bill for surgery and overninght care came to around $3000. Included was a charge for a pathologist to examine the tissue for cancer. What was the point? At her age, if she got cancer I wouldn't treat it. I think she was 13 or 14. The wound healed and she lived several more years. She ultimately died of kidney failure. But I am more careful. When an pet gets sick, I ask LOTS of questions.

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Don't know whether I have a "bump" on the head ...

... but, as for the re-tread - I guess that I have to plead guilty as charged.

o j

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One way to possibly save money is to see if any medication you pet takes is human medicine you can purchase at a local pharmacy. Your pet can have a profile just like any other patient (be aware filling their meds under your name is fraud, get the Rx from the vet in their name). Some meds are less expensive through a regular pharmacy, especially with the discount plans some offer. Some even offer supplies like insulin syringes and lancets at special prices. Never hurts to ask, price quotes are free!

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I know those pets can get expensive but part of the problem is that people keep putting money into them when it is hopeless.

I agree with you Kathy.

When I was growing up, everyone in the neighborhood had pets. No one took them to the vet unless their was a problem. And in most cases, they either let nature take its course or come home without their pet!

I have always had cats and find they really don't require much vet care if you keep them inside.

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