Maturity is ...

joyfulguyMarch 6, 2007

... delaying gratification.(;^))

ole joyful

P.S. That is *not* a double chin, folks ...

... one is smiling mouth ...

... the other is (single) chin, I tell you!

o j

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You are so right.

Over 20 years ago, I cut out an Ann Landers column on maturity, and from time to time a run across it in my files.

The second item reads, "Maturity is patience. It is the willingness to pass up immediate pleasure in avor of long-term gain."

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Still true ... in case you didn't see this earlier.

o j

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Well, this (:o)) IS a double chin and they are mine. Grrrr.............

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Well -I'm not sure what this post means -- it was too short for me to "get it " but if you are asking what maturity is -

I'd say --- compromise.

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Maturity involves a number of aspects of living.

One of them is, as I suggested, learning to postpone gratification.

If one insists on having the toys and bon bons of living, before one can afford to pay cash, it's necessary to make use of someone else's money for a time, until the person who wanted to buy stuff now can afford to pay off the loan.

Some of the things that one buys in such circumstances are more or less essetials of living ... but many are not.

When one is paying interest on borrowed money ...

... one is, effectively, working for a few hours per week with no pay. It has to go to the lender, to pay for one's impatience.

And, most of the time, that is after-tax money that's involved, as most of the stuff that we buy isn't deductible.

I prefer to make my current income serve situations that are of benefit to me, not throw it down a rathole, so to speak.

I hope that you're enjoying a lovely autumn weekend.

ole joyful

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I didn't think it was a double chin there joyful... I just assumed it was something drooping! :D

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Maturity is when you stand on your own two feet.

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Standing on one's own two feet ...

... sort of akin to picking up one's own marbles ...

... is O.K.

Just as long as (sorry, Jonesy) there aren't two chins involved ...

...and cynic ... I think that your sense of humour is slipping (if you'll pardon the expression).

ole joyful

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No responses to that last jab, .. er, comment.

o j

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Having an open mind and a closed mouth.


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Just scanning through this thread again and it hit me how important common sense is to life. A (low wattage) light bulb went on and I thought,"hey, when you use/have common sense, aren't you much more mature?" So I says to myself, I says, Myself, aren't the immature, lacking in common sense? and I replied, sure seems so.

Common sense. It gives you patience, knowing that delayed gratification is preferable to superficial "get it now" philosophy.

Common sense. It says don't put off doing anything for yourself if you can afford it.

Common sense. It says borrowing isn't always bad, just use it judiciously. For instance, borrowing for a home can be good if you also combine with more common sense that says don't overdo it.

Common sense. It says to invest the $1-$5 for a CFL bulb that is used a lot since you're going to save far more in the long run.

Common sense. It screams at you that using the credit card to keep up with the neighbors, or a new car every year for the snob appeal is just plain stupid.


But alas, as the old cliche goes, common sense ain't so common anymore....

And yes, Joyful... I guess I've been slipping on the common sense of humor... BTW, we in the States don't believe in paying for an extra "u" in humor! We believe it to be extravagant! :)

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Do u think so?

o j

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I think maturity also comes from counting your blessings every day! So many things I took for granted when I was young I don't anymore. It also has a lot to do with forgiveness, picking your battles, helping your fellow man (and beast!) and finding joy in the little things.

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