Can this be done to sheetrock?

cissadoApril 29, 2008

Gypsum board. I have a little 1/4 inch dip in my otherwise flat wall where I want to fix it. The dip is running about 6-8 ft along the beam. Obviously a bowed stud. I have no access to the other side of it, but was thinking of just filing down, sanding down, or whatever I need to do to get the dip to even out with all the other sheets hanging up. Is it possible to 'shave down' gypsum board and re spackle it to make it even with the rest of the boards?

Will the spackle stick to the exposed crumbly insuide of the board? Of course a tape of some kind may have to be used. I will also hire this out because I want it done perfectly. I'm just gathering information first, so I know if it's doable. You can see the dip sticking out like a sore thumb, and it would be great to get rid of it. thanks

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not a good idea. if you damage the paper you damage the strength of the rock. better idea to build up and smooth out a wide area with drywall in thin coats until it all looks smooth.

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You can shave the back side of the wallboard in the area, then back tape it. In the area of the bow, cut parallel lines and carefully remove the backing paper w/ a sharp putty knife. You want the sheet(s) to be laying flat on something solid when you do this. After removing the paper backing, shave the gypsum with a drywall rasp or sure form. Its a file like tool used by hangers to smooth edges ,etc. After you shave down to where you want it, tape and mud the exposed gypsum and let dry for strength. The sheet will be weak in that area because of the reduced thickness, so you will have to be careful when hanging. I would be careful putting fasteners in there as well, maybe adhesive w/ just a couple of fasteners.

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The boards are already up, spackled, and painted. They are 5/8 inch thick btw, and have been there for 6 years or so. I do understand that it will weaken the board if I cut the paper, but can't I just apply a new 'paper' in the form of tape?

Again, I like to do stuff myself, but I will leave this job to a true professional. Just wanted to know if it was possible before I started making phone calls.

Maybe I'll have someone look at it. Wouldn't a Plasterer do something like this?

Thanks for the help.

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reputable drywall finisher will probably float and feather as vhehn mentioned.

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Another possible solution is to cut out the drywall from the adjacent studs on either side for the length of the dip. Then plane and/or saw down the bowed section of the stud to make it even and install a new section of drywall. If it's a quarter inch protrusion, even with floating and feathering, I think the wall will appear wavy if you look at it from anything other than head on.

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I have to agree with ventupete - that sounds like the simplest approach and probably the only one that will work well. The problem is the stud, so that's what should be fixed. Plus, it has an abundance of strength, so shaving of 1/4" won't weaken the wall.

Just cut along the adjoining studs, plus 1/2 their thickness as a nailing surface (or scarf on a nailing surface to each). The hard part is going to be planing down the offending stud to a level plane - may want to cut rough 1/2" or so, and then sister on a 2 x 2 to bring it back out to the exact plane.

Once you get the studs flat, getting the wall flat will be easy.

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if your looking to rip down the wall, you can change out the offending stud, or you can fill in the void with mud. as has been mentioned. As you said this is running down the stud, is it where two sheets joined?

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It does not appear clear if you have a bulge or a dip.

Dips can easily be filled with joint compound.

Bulges are tougher.

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