prescription glasses

tim45z10March 6, 2012

I heard of an eyeglass company in Pakistan that has prescription glasses for $20. Anybody kow their onfo?

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I found zennioptical below in another posting.

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That's spam, Tim. Useless dangerous spam.

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thank you

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I bought my presciption glasses online through Zenni Optical and I am very happy with them. They are exactly to my prescription (I had them checked) They cost $62 which included Progressive lenses, a slight tint of grey and a lens coating. I considered getting transitional lenses but they cost $150 and I wasn't willing to take the chance but now I am confident and will order them, next time.
The glasses weigh 1 gram less than my last pair of framed glasses. They were delivered to my home, from China in 10 days. I highly recommend it.
The fact that you can submit your picture and them "try on" any frames that you see is very beneficial and fun too.
They are also very stylish

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My dd is an optician. Yes, there are 3rd world countries making and selling lenses and frames, BUT the quality is terrible. It's so bad, that the glasses you get--even though they may supposedly be your prescription, may not be.

It's not worth trying to save money on something you wear every day, to correct your vision, by buying inferior products. Even places like Walmart don't sell decent quality--they have the cheapest frames and low-end lenses.

If you want to save money on your glasses, BUT get good quality--find out where opticians train in your area (assuming you live in a state that licenses them), and go to the college dispensary. Last time DH and I bought new glasses? He got a pair of progressives, I got 2 pairs of progressives--both Varilux, one was 'clear' with designer frames, the other was sunglasses. I got the most expensive non-glare coating. The total bill, for all 3 pairs was $500 (before our insurance paid their portion). My one pair of regular glasses would have cost between $800 and 900 at DD's optical shop AFTER the family discount.

We go to the college dispensary because they sell the good brands at cost. The glasses are made by the opticianry professor, the students just take the orders and measurements (which are then carefully checked by the dispensary professor before we leave the shop). Great way to get high end glasses for very reasonable prices, I find.

But from what I've heard of those 3rd world lenses and frames, they're not worth the money, and I wouldn't buy them even for computer or reading glasses. My vision is just too important to me.

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Where would you suggest going for high index glasses? My lenses are very thick on the outside. I see on the web there is a place in Canada that makes thick lenses thin. I don't know where to go in the US. I went to a local eye doctor but the lenses are still very thick.

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