Installing vinyl soffit help

obrionusaApril 26, 2012

I installed a lot of aluminum soffit over the years. Now Im tackling the girlfriends house and thinking of using vinyl soffit. I installed a lot of vinyl siding before but never vinyl soffit. I always used vinyl cutting sissors to cut the vinyl and liked it versus a saw. I was thiniing it should cut the soffit too. I have a pair of malco andy mc14 sissors. Whats your thoughts?

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I've used tin snips, a specialized tool that resembled a paper cutter, and a circular saw with the blade installed backwards to cut vinyl siding and soffit.

The saw was the fastest.

Having never heard of those shears, I researched them. Might work. Since you already have them, trying them would just be set up.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you've got a sliding compound miter saw set up anywhere, that's the best choice. It's an easier cut than with a circular saw and produces a true 90 every time. If you don't own one, it's probably not worth it to buy one just for that, but to me it's worth it for a lot of other projects down the road. It's one of the most often used tools at my house. Set it up on the scaffolding and you'll spend more time moving the scaffolding than you will cutting and installing the soffit.

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Thanks for all your help. But Im going to try to use these sissors because the girlfriend wouldnt be as nervous about using it. If I get her started maybe she would finish it.

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