Smell following popcorn ceiling removal...

mofo83November 2, 2010


We just had popcorn removed from about 1500 sq. ft. of ceilings in our new (built 1977) home, by a drywall company. They also repaired/re-taped/re-mudded the old drywall, and re-primed/repainted as well. The results look very nice, but we now have some odd things happening, two weeks after completion:

1. We notice a faint "funky" smell when we enter the house. It's not overpowering, and we can't smell it after we've been in there a few minutes. We noticed this smell, but much stronger, while the work was being done, but figured it was 'normal' for a drywall job.

2. If we're in the house for an extended period of time, some of our clothes end up smelling exactly like vomit! Same thing if we leave clothes lying around the house. (This is the most concerning thing!)

Any ideas? Is this "normal" for two weeks after removing old popcorn? We're hoping it's just the very light residual dust that was covering the walls/floors. We're wiping down everything with vinegar and airing out the house as much as we can.

Any advice?


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Vinegar and vomit are both acidic, so my guess - be patient a bit longer and let the house air out.


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Ask your hardware store about odor-absorbers. I know there are products for use in cars (where someone has been sick or milk was spilled, etc.). There must be something for homes.

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took down wallpaper in bath. painted all walls. been 1 yr and i can still smell something. somewhat pungent. was paper covering up something or is it the new paint?

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joe mn :
Likely mould in the walls. Especially if it was a vinyl wallpaper, which prohibits inward drying of moisture.

OP: Something wrong with the product applied. Or else it's a real world example of thepost hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

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The (funky smell) is probably from old texture sprayed on the ceiling before paint, I would call drywall company back because that can be live bacteria under the paint and it won't go away

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Could they have used bad Chinese drywall? I've heard that can smell bad. Sometimes it's a faint rotten-egg odor.

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