what else works as good as this?

brussoApril 14, 2010

A friend of mine recently told me that I was wasting money buying 'goofoff'. He said that goofoff is nothing but Xylene.You can buy a can of xylene a lot cheaper than goofoof. Also, he said that 'brush cleaner' is nothing more than acetone. Again you can get that much cheaper than the brand.

so, first of all . is this true? and if so, what else is out there that is cheaper. what about wood hardener? I buy this minwax wood hardener product for $10 that is probably something else. i am looking for better ways to work smarter and cheaper. As long as they are valid.


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According the MSDS xylene is the main ingredient in goof off.
Acetone is a strong paint thinner. Used mainly for laquer. Also the main ingredient ins nail polilsh remover. Don't spill it on any sirface you like. It will disolve the paint right off it.

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