crack repair, CBS wall, above-grade: epoxy or fiber-caulk?

fixizinApril 2, 2009

Got a classic So-Fla "hurricane bunker", CBS on sandy soil... seems to have settled a wee bit over the decades, resulting in cracked walls. Cracks are long, but narrow, 1/8" or less.

Local outfit called Acrylux sells a whole line of WATERPROOFING caulks, primers, and paints, designed for stucco and the sub-tropics. Their "FIB" caulk is some tough stuff, high fiber content, and well-regarded by local contractors. Only problem is it's a "butter grade" caulk, i.e. comes in a TUB, not a tubE, so you have to putty knife it in the whole length of the crack... could get a bit tedious on a 25' long crack.

Another readily available option is an epoxy product called "PC Concrete", dispensed from a std. caulking gun, and mixed on the fly via a special nozzle w/ swirl chamber. Seems this would be easier to apply when filling LONG cracks, and the putty knife work would be just a length-wise swipe, instead of endless side-by-side strokes.

Some "experts" say epoxies are not flexible enough for this app, others say it is... hmmm... don't really need the strength of epoxy, just the longevity and water-tightness.

SO... what's your real-world experience with either/both/other-altogether crack repair methods in CBS (or poured concrete) walls?

Thanks in advance, the game is RIGged, the Fix... Izz... IN! ;')

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My DIY sonar is on, but I hear nothing... lol.

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Guess this would be a good excuse to buy a bulk-loading caulk gun... Albion brand??

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NOPE... no gun, turns out you BRUSH this "FIB" caulk on--NICE! I did 3 coats for each crack run, each "stripe" wider than the prior one. Feathered it out real nice.

Hope the follow-on elastomeric sealer/primer plus paint covers the "stripes"... hope it stops raining before October, LOL!

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