Insulating/sound reduction in Attic

JJAV1234April 22, 2014

I believe my attic is causing a lot of outside noise to enter into the rooms on my 2nd floor. I have soffit vents as well as a gable vent on the siding. I have 2 questions - if I have the soffit vents, do I need the gable vent (it faces the noise source directly and may be letting in a ton of noise); and what can I put on the attic floor to stop the transmission of the sound into the rooms? The noise is mid to low frequency noise. Thanks!

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if you have soffit vents you should have a ridge vent and then,,no you don't necessarily need the gable vents on the ends. That being said noise doesn't flow like air so I don't think the source of your noise is through the vents. Do you have bat insulation in the attic? I'd suggest that to reduce noise transmission from the attic space. it could be wind noise coming through the structure. Without actually experiencing the situation first-hand it's difficult to propose remedies.

good luck

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