Different Country Kitchens

CEFreemanApril 25, 2014

Hi all!
Thought you might enjoy this blog posting.
The site seems to be one of those that collects pictures and sometimes articles.
Nothing particularly original from the author, but a lot of hard work nonetheless!

Anyway, there are some lovely kitchens here on Decoraholic.

(Or at least I think that's the name! It's escaping my tiny mind right now.)

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Good find, Martin Moore is the latest Bespoke company that I have been followingâ¦.really into the English Cabinetmakers style these days!

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Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous kitchens - I did feel a bit like they were all the same kitchen. Many of them deal with my current issue of what to do between the range counter and the bar above it. All seem to use the counter material which I'm unable to do. Lovely to see it though.

I found it interesting that they all seemed to have a small backspalsh and that it seemed to make its way around the room.

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I love the look of cabinets all the way down to the counter, but from a practicality standpoint, I wouldn't want to give up all that counter space (I think I'm in a minority here).

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