Fence posts? Concrete not at ground level

house_mdApril 5, 2011

I hired some people to replace my picket fence that had rotted at the fence posts.

They dug up the old fence and replaced it with new posts, but when I got home, I saw that the concrete wasn't level with the ground!

Isn't the concrete supposed to be level with the ground and actually downsloping away from the posts to prevent moisture build up?

Is it possible to pour more concrete on concrete that's already set to bring it up to ground level?

Thanks! I hate people who do sloppy work.

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What is more important is did they encase the bottom of the post in concrete?

Making a concrete swimming pool around the base of the post is going to rot any wood eventually, even treated wood.

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Gernerally I put gravel in the bottom of the hole and about 1/3 of the way up the post. Then pour concrete up to about three or four inches from ground level and slope it away from the post. This lets you plant grass right up to the post and hide the concrete and with this method the water seems to drain away just fine, I have some posts that have been in the ground for several years and are still holding good as new. If you want concrete showing above ground then go ahead and pour a cap, no big deal. If the concrete is sloping to the posts then just dig out a little dirt and take a cold chisel and knock some of it off, new concrete should not be very hard to break off.

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"Gernerally I put gravel in the bottom of the hole and about 1/3 of the way up the post."

Same here.
I use pea gravel since it packs nicely and helps provide additional support.

Ground contact treated wood lasts a long time if it is not repeatedly soaked with water and left siting in water for long periods, as happens when the bottom of the post is in concrete.

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