Cedar roof restoration

excaliburApril 29, 2009

My roof is getting pretty old. It hasn't started leaking yet but I'm sure it's coming within the next few years. There is a company that had quote me to do a restoration on it. They said what they do is lightly preasure wash the entire roof, replace any shakes that are to far gone, replace the ridge cap and then seal the shakes with a tinted sealant. I asked a couple people loacally but haven't heard any one saying they thought it was a good idea. I have seen quite a few house done. Any thoughts or expertise would be great.


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A Cedar roof has a life expectancy just like any other roof. It might help if you stated exactly how old the roof was so we can advise you properly.
But off the top of my head, any roof that's, "pretty old" would not benefit too much from what sound's like, roof voodoo.
Having seen alot of houses done could just mean there's many gullible people in the area.

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It is the layer of felt under the shingles that forms the actual drainage plane.
The shingles are there to look nice and keep the sun off the felt.

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