Better health, easiest diet - and major money saving

joyfulguyFebruary 9, 2004

You've all heard of scores (hundreds?) of methods of dieting - could anyone could keep track of them all (even with computer assist)?

Do this, don't do that. For sure - don't eat such-and-such.

Can anybody here spell, "Atkins"?

So many emphasize one part of the food system - and insist that we ignore others.

I've heard that, when we go on a short-term, usually rather drastic, diet, we are working against ourselves. When food intake reduces, our body gets used to working more efficiently: then, when we go back to eating more, it continues to work more efficiently - and stores even more food as fat than it did before we began the drastic diet.

They say to plan a dietary system that you plan to use on a continuing basis. A balanced system - not faddish. Not just a bunch of one type of food and none of another. Fussing about how to get what one wants and needs within a restrictive framework.

Then start that balanced program - and stay on it throughout your working years. After retirement, working less, you should plan to eat less.

Canadians should ask their Provincial Agricultural office, Department of Health or municipal Health Unit for the Canada Food Guide to help as they plan the system.

Some choose to attend a weight-loss gathering (seldom attendable at no cost). Some join an exercise organization, and they say that those organizations regularly sign up more clients than they can accomodate, as they know that many will be early drop-outs. Others bring home some expensive exercise machines - that often are sold through ads, or garage sales - slightly used.

My idea costs nothing. No costly supplements, no fees to attend meetings (or gas/bus tickets to attend), join exercise establishments or buy equipment.

It will - for most of you - almost certainly result in your eating less. Resulting in cutting the cost of your food purchases.

Remember how we've been advised to drink 8 glasses of water daily?

That hardly any of us do.

Just do it. Eight glasses a day - of water.

Plain old municipally provided - water. It undergoes more tests in most jurisdictions than the (expensive) stuff that comes in a bottle.

Your tummy will be fuller.

More relaxed. Happier. After all - it has less food to grind up and process.

So - it'll send fewer signals to your brain to ask for additional increments of food to be sent down the pipe.

Your tummy'll be more satisfied. You'll be happier. Your heart'll be happier, with less load to service and probably less clogging in the arteries and veins that cause it much harder work.

Your backbone'll be happier - less load to support. Also your knees. Both of which often give us old folks trouble. Less food load to carry in the short term - and less fat, long term.

(Sorry - I misled you there: don't tell your back and knees, but the water'll be just as heavy as the habitually unnecessarily larger load of food. But the long-term smaller load of fat to carry is still true).

So - you don't need those special foods or food supplements. Or fees to a group - though they are a bit of fun. Or those pills that you take before you go to bed - that burn off the fat while you sleep. Yeah, right!

Don't need those fees for exercise clubs, or fancy stuff in your basement.

You wallet'll be happier - it'll be fatter - not your body.

But you do need some exercise, to keep muscles, bones, joints, heart, lungs in shape.

Some of my senior friends go swimming, or walking (which some do at a shopping centre in inclement weather). One group does it there throughout the winter - and goes out for breakfast together, after.

Hey, that's part of my job: to help you get where you want to go, at low cost - which makes me

joyful (as always)

P.S. Eight glasses of water. Plain old water. Every day. Less food. Better health. Fatter wallet. What could be easier? oj

P.P.S. That'll be $30.00 consultation fee - think how soon you'll save it - and a lot more - at the food store! Twould be nice, though, if you sent part of your savings to help feed the millions of refugees and homeless throughout the world. Maybe we should spend alternate months here and there. That'd burn off our surplus fat - in a hurry. oj

P.P.P S. Sorry if I've offended any of you "pleasantly plump" folks - not my intention to do so. oj

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Not offended at all OJ! My water here is full of chemicls though and if I am going to pay for it I am going to have flavor in it (as in diet sodas or tea).
Walking is great exercise but you know how these winters have been....
The main thing those clubs and weight loss plans gives you is support. Trust me there is no dieter better than I when a doctor appt nears. Having to answer to someone makes the carbs and fats disappear from the diet very fast.
Some of us are built for comfort and not for speed and the battle is all uphill. More than pleasantly plump - Kathy_PA

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Least expensive diet tip I know?...Close your mouth.

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It's certainly true that drinking water can provide a feeling of 'fullness' and that sometimes people mistake hunger for thirst. Interestingly, the basis for the 'recommendation' to drink 8 8-ounce glasses per day has been questioned by some researchers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dartmouth Article

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I know that I don't drink enough water. But, I do believe it helps in dieting, and I am trying to drink more. I sometimes freeze our regular tap water----my husband is convinced that tap water is bad. He buys the bottled water.

I used to work with a lady who had a son that worked for the water company-----she says the water there was safe to drink. This was another county. I've also heard that bottled water has as many bacteria, if not more, than regular tap water-------since it sits on the shelf for weeks or months at a time.

I'm trying to get into the habit of telling myself----If you're hungry, maybe you need water.

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It does (have more bacteria) especially if it sat in the sun during transport and loading/unloading.
I'm for the tap water too if it is reasonably clean.


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Appreciate your good humour - you brought a smile to my face - I think (no mirror handy at the moment).


"Shut your mouth".

Oh, no. Surely - you couldn't tell me that.

Many around here will tell you that's really tough for ole joyful.

Preachers (even - especially? - retired ones) seem to have a tendency to run off at the mouth.

But - after all's said and done - keep your eye on that wallet, all.

Good wishes for great health, all - through a long, happy life.

ole joyful

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I'm guessing that you are too well bred and polite to talk with a mouth full of food. "Shut your mouth between sermons" might be more appropriate LOL.

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My tap water comes from a well and we live in farm country and you should see what they spread all around us! I would not be afraid of normal tap water if it receives regular testing. Some bottled water is just tap water in disguise. Kathy

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