Trading labor

erin_ncFebruary 1, 2012

I'm wondering what folks trade labor for.

I am a farm partner with an organic farm down the road. I am their twice yearly chef for their two big fund raising dinners. I also donate extra seedlings I start. When we smoke our Thanksgiving turkey, I offer a shelf in our smoker as it would be a shame to leave it empty.

Because we do all these things for the farm, in return they give us produce, eggs, and milk rather than money. We keep a "tab" so the trades remain equitable.

The money is way more valuable to them as are my labors. Their fresh, pesticide free, organic food is more valuable to me than cash. Trading my labor for their product is a win-win.

Just wondering what others trade for out there.



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I have a friend who is an expert when it comes to bartering. She is a massage therapist and barters with her dentist and vet for her pets. She gives "X" number of mini-massages to all the staff for dental services she receives, or services for her pets. She has remodeled her kitchen the same way and had some flooring and painting done with barter.


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Sadly, my attempts at barter have not gone well. I altered clothes for my neighbor several times, but she never "had time" to cut my hair. I moved to a new town before she ever had 20 minutes to spare.

For those who prefer a more formal approach, the city nearby has a time bank (sometimes called an Hour Exchange) Living in the suburbs, however, I found many members wanted me to perform my services at their homes, and no one else in my town belonged to the time bank, so I never had an opportunity to receive any services in return.

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Hi eva555,

After your neighbour drops off her clothes ...

... and returns to pick them up ...

... "Sorry - I haven't had time to get the job done yet".

She can leave 'em - or take 'em.

If she leaves 'em - next time she drops around to get them - same story.

After all - she has a hard time finding time.

So do you, right?

ole joyfuelled

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