I need utility water pump recommendations please

ms_minnamouseApril 29, 2012

I'm in need of a 1/4 HP to 1/2 HP submersible utility (NOT sump) pump that is non-automatic.

I need a pump that has a very low minimum operating level for the pump to prime. This isn't the same thing as a pump needing 2 1/4" inches of water to prime and then being able to suck down to 1/8" of water.

I'm already aware of the Little Giant pumps but I'm looking for something less expensive.

Does anyone know of any? I keep looking at websites but almost none list the minimum operating level.

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Little Giant is the lowest priced of the reliable pumps...

If you buy anything less you can expect to get what you pay for.

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"you can expect to get what you pay for."

It cannot be so.
Quality does not cost more.

lazypup is dead on.

Pay now or be frustrated latter (and possibly end up paying again).

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