interior jamb 'situation'

homeboundNovember 19, 2009

I'm installing a pair of hollow core french doors between kitchen and dining room in a condo with steel studs. The finished opening is already 29 1/2", depth is 7 1/2", and the kitchen backsplash and stove butt up against the inner edge. I am a bit tempted to try installing it into the finished opening without a jamb and installing casing on only the dining room side. That means the hinges would be screwed into the flimsy corner bead.....

....ok, I already think it's a bad idea..never mind! Grrrr.


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I would have refrained from posting this for a few reasons.
Hollow core french doors?
Bizzare size openings.
No jambs?
Stop before you hurt yourself.

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Uh, thanks for the concern on my well-being. It's just been a long week. Sorry for the random post. Let's call them a pair of hollow core doors (3 panels each) on their own hinges fitting into that opening. What do you call that sett-up I could buy a bifold door kit and hinge each so I end up with opposing doors. Yes, I know that no jambs is crazy - just was being a bit wishful since the doorway width is so close to 30", etc.

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Why have a door at all? Besides the door making the overall opening smaller, do you have the space for it to swing open?

If you want to prevent guests from viewing the kitchen, have you considered a decorative folding screen?

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You must be clairvoyant. I just had this conversation with the client, specifically about the swing clearance and the loss of width in the opening. They decided to do without. BTW, this was prompted by their desire to not see the fridge while in the dining room. I did suggest a shower curtain (kidding).

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How about hanging beeds........Yeaaaaaa Baby!

(sorry an Austin Powers marathon was just on)

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