What cheapskate thing did you do today?

kathy_February 29, 2004

I skipped the Sunday Paper, ate all meals at home (made a great roast chicken my "bought on clearance" G Foreman contact roaster), took a walk in Gettysburg, PA for free entertainment and hubby drove the fuel efficient death trap to get there. Guess it was a good day. Anyone watch the Pioneer Quest on PBS? I could live like that but would need bug spray! Kathy_PA

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took a small packet of ground beef out of the freezer (you made that package way too small says DH) and threw together a beef vegetable soup in the crock pot. I am creating a new challenge for myself - to see how little amounts of meat I can use to make a meal and get away with without it being detected by the family....so far I've got it pared down by about a third and no one around here is any the wiser.

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Got a dump-truck load of pea gravel delivered and made a $73 22'x12' patio. Only downfall is that it was raining all day. The dumptruck got stuck in the yard and I had to pull it out in my Jeep Wrangler. Neither the driver nor I thought I could do it, but it just goes to show a little Jeep can go a long way, even with a 10-wheeled truck attached to it. Now I gotta get some dirt and fix the yard though...

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I tried to make a tasty pizza out of leftover spaghetti sauce and other ingredients I had on hand. The sauce was too sweet and my dh caught me putting carrots on as a topping. I don't think he would have liked the broccoli topping I was going to add either. Lately, I've been trying to use up foods on hand hand and make do or do without. We waste a lot of food around here.

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Today I made some bran muffins and threw in some orange zest off a drying out orange...squeezed the juice from said orange and added that......also threw in some marashino cherry juice from a jar which mysterious is minus the cherries, added some shredded zucchini (three medium size firm ones from reduced basket at grocery store - 49 cents - shredded and froze the rest), tossed in some cinnamon sugar and flour left over from another baking project and saved in a small container.....so used bits and pieces of this and that...better to toss into muffins than toss into garbage. Bud.

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