Can Plaster Splatter Cause Damage?

glostadaveNovember 14, 2011

Plastering is a messy business! In our remodel project, the plasterers just finished the veneer plastering over blueboard. While they have cleaned up the sub-floor, my GC won't be back for a week.

Question 1: There are lots of splatters around on the door trim leading into the room. Is it better to clean these up asap? Or can they wait a while without hurting anything long term? If we should clean them up right away, what's best to use on stained trim?

Question 2: Also, during the plastering, a lot of the electrical boxes got bits of the veneer plastering substance in them, and is visibly on the wires and caps. What, if anything, should we do to address that now? Is that something the electricians normally know how to deal with?

Question 3: Finally, the expensive new windows have splatter on them and in the crevices and rubber gaskets. How should these be cleaned?

Hope you can advise. Thanks in advance!

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It is a lot easier to clean up after it has set.

Most of it will pop off any smooth, hard, or finished surface.

The only damage that might occur is from the high alkalinity of wet plaster.

DO NOT GET ANY PLASTER in your eyes.

It can quickly (and permanently) cloud the cornea.

IT IS VERY CAUSTIC, even after it has set.

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