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Eileen_MAFebruary 23, 2004

While adding some additional links to the ones given me in my other post, I thought I'd create this seperate post for easier title reference so that anyone looking for further reading can come here and hopefully add. Whether it's a free site, just a small page that was found to be of interest, or a free online story - it could very well be of interest as frugal recreation for any of us or, to someone who doesn't even visit this forum on a regular basis looking for even the most drastic ideas for "cutting back" and recycling. What's even more positive is that by sharing links, we're better able to help each other with the knowledge we gain in reading further. When a post appears in this forum, we may just recall something we read in one of these links someone provided which helps us better answer questions. Hey, if we knew all the answers to our questions, we wouldn't be here!


http://hermit.bizhosting.com/hermit.html (just for fun)


www.geocities.com/sydneysiteau/nocar.html (living without a car w. links)


Eileen :-)










"Possum Living" www.soilandhealth.org (free book downloads)


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Flylady (the housecleaning guru) has a financial theme for March, 2004, Face Your Finances.

If you scroll down her homepage about half way, you'll see some links about saving $15 various ways. The links go to ideas submitted by her readers--there are tons! Once March is over, you'll probably still be able to find the ideas on her website by doing a within-site search using Google.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flylady's FACE links

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